Don’t Miss May: How to Savor Your Life When It Feels Like a Blur

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I asked my friend to pray for me and my scattered thoughts.

I told her that everything – from food to end-of-the-year award ceremonies, from finances to flower gardens – seems out of control.

I’m eating my meals like a highly competitive garbage compactor.

I’m driving down the highway like a 3-year-old boy on a skateboard heading straight down a hill.

Everything is fast, fast, fast. Everything is whizzing right by me and I’m missing May.

She said, “I FEEL LIKE THAT, TOO!”

After all, this is the season of deadlines and finish lines. It’s the season of tying the bows and wrapping things up, which sounds blissful, but is extremely stressful for the mother who is tying all of the bows.

Do you feel like you are in a blur of recitals, concerts, portfolios, weddings, graduation parties, sporting events, and award ceremonies?

Do you feel like you are missing May, too?

Chin up.

We have half the month left!

We can do something to screech the breaks a little bit at least.

Let’s be present in May. Let’s feel it. Let’s taste it.

Let’s come up with a plan (a sustainable plan) to love and savor all of the good, celebratory stuff in May and June. What can we do so we don’t get lost in the blur of responsibility, quickly-inhaled meals, and check marks?

I’ll share my plan with you in hopes that you’ll share yours with me.

To make sure I don’t miss May, I will…


I’m going to stick 3 of them in my life.

  1. At the kitchen table: “Sit down and Chew Your Food.”These two simple behaviors will help me to smell my food, taste my food, look at the faces around the table, share in conversation, and maybe – just maybe- remember and treasure the simple gifts that God gives me every day.
  2. In the front seat of the car: “Breathe 5 Times”.Even with this reminder, I can guarantee that I will breathe 3 times and forget all about it. My self-aware plan is to keep discovering that post-it note like a goldfish discovers its castle over-and-over again.

    The way I figure it, if I keep coming back to one deep breath after another – even if I stop at 3 – I’ll remember that I’m alive.

    I’ll look around me.

    I’ll pray.

    I’ll savor the changing world around me.

    And I might slow down.

  3. On my bathroom mirror: “Thank God for One Today-Thing”We remember things through experience, repetition, and personalization. That’s why I’m intentionally experiencing my meals, repeating my breathing, and now, personalizing the thing I want to remember about the day.

    Today I’d say, “God, thank you for the way my daughters were kind to the nurses and doctors at their appointments today. I was so pleased to see evidence that they’re becoming confident, well-spoken young women.”

    The next time I’d breeze by the mirror, I’d notice the post-it note and say, “Thank you for the pretty patio chair cushions that I found at BigLots. I’m so grateful that they were so inexpensive, and yet will add pleasant and comfortable  seating at our picnic table.”

    And the next time, maybe “Thank you for the International Student who drove out to the farm just to buy a $10 end table from me. I hope that she comes to know you and that I have another opportunity to connect with her.”

    Ah. Just in writing and praying that now, I slowed my whirring, calculating, what’s-next brain to thank God and notice what He has done. I noticed today in May.

I think I’ll keep it that simple: just 3 Post-it Notes. 

I was going to add some boldfaced points about taking a photo-of-the-day, of kissing each member of the family, of keeping a day journal, of creating a simple tradition for each celebration so that you don’t have to juggle so many details and plans (for example, instead of drumming up unique desserts after each-and-every end-of-the-year hooplah, why not go to the same neighborhood ice-cream shop every time? Be regulars! Or scoop out your own flat-bottom cones on the back porch? Or play a tournament of the same board game together? Why not give every graduate the same cool gift – like a Philips Head Screwdriver and a gift-card? You get the point…)

But I think that’s enough from me for today. I’m going to sign off and stop scheming about how you and I can savor May so we can just get down to business.

What will you do to slow and savor May?

How will you be present in all of the recitals, ceremonies, and celebrations that you are creating for everyone else?

Let me know your idea in the comments. You’ll be the wind beneath my wings. Honest, you will.