Driving East

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We pulled out of town at 6 a.m. in the pitch black this morning. (We were heading to my parents’ home for the weekend where I’ll take more classes towards my certificate in Women’s Ministry, hopefully find the perfect end tables for our master bedroom at Ikea, and enjoy the peaceful hospitality of our home away from home.) With rain and bug guts from our most recent travels smearing across the windshield, a sleeping Vivienne and I drove silently for an hour and a half into the sunrise. The beautiful thing about driving due east at this hour of day is that the mystery of the darkness ever-so-slowly transforms into a manageable light. I hardly noticed as the sky slowly brightened, but my vivid imagination of deer poised to leap across the road and top-heavy trucks about to topple, relaxed; I settled back into the driver’s seat, enjoying the silence, praying, and appreciating the red and yellow leaves instead.

I got to thinking… perhaps I don’t recognize every increment of light that God sheds on my spiritual path, but how generous of Him to enlighten it more and more as I journey towards Heaven. I’ve learned that the light intensifies on my path as I continually read and live His Word. Then, as His light drives out darkness, His perfect love drives out my fears.

Enjoy the ride… head towards the light.