Blogger Behave Launch!

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Today’s the day!

Download Blogger Behave for 50% off all day long. That’s a mere $2.50. Unless you feel like that’s highway-robbery-in-reverse and you’re determined to pay full price tomorrow for what promises to be at least $4.99 worth of wisdom and entertainment, this is the day to jump in on the sale!

I am terribly inept at social media, so I’d love your help getting the word out about the book. Would you be so kind to consider something like…

* Buying Blogger Behave.

* Blogging about Blogger Behave. What’s your link? I’d love to read it!

* Liking it. Tell all your friends to like it, too!

* Tweeting it. Try: “I’m loving the eBook “Blogger Behave”. Blog with integrity and without regret. #bloggerbehave”

* Emailing it out to your loved ones, coworkers, and local service workers.

* Buying a copy for your favorite blogger.

* Smiling and taking the day off.

Here’s the button if you want to post it all about town: Just add the link:

Whew. Okay. All of this blog talk will die down soon and we’ll resume our regular programming. I must say, it’s been pretty exciting on the other side of the computer screen, though. Thanks for being such troopers. Your support really means the world to me.