Blogger Behave Launch!

Today’s the day!

Download Blogger Behave for 50% off all day long. That’s a mere $2.50. Unless you feel like that’s highway-robbery-in-reverse and you’re determined to pay full price tomorrow for what promises to be at least $4.99 worth of wisdom and entertainment, this is the day to jump in on the sale!

I am terribly inept at social media, so I’d love your help getting the word out about the book. Would you be so kind to consider something like…

* Buying Blogger Behave.

* Blogging about Blogger Behave. What’s your link? I’d love to read it!

* Liking it. Tell all your friends to like it, too!

* Tweeting it. Try: “I’m loving the eBook “Blogger Behave”. Blog with integrity and without regret. #bloggerbehave”

* Emailing it out to your loved ones, coworkers, and local service workers.

* Buying a copy for your favorite blogger.

* Smiling and taking the day off.

Here’s the button if you want to post it all about town: Just add the link:

Whew. Okay. All of this blog talk will die down soon and we’ll resume our regular programming. I must say, it’s been pretty exciting on the other side of the computer screen, though. Thanks for being such troopers. Your support really means the world to me.







6 responses to “Blogger Behave Launch!”

  1. Joanne Avatar

    Just got my kindle copy! I’m so excited to read it, savor it, and blog about it. I’ll definitely tell my friends about blogger behave. I love your blog and I have a feeling I will love your book too.

  2. Laura Avatar

    That’s great news, Joanne! You’ll have to let me know what you think. 🙂

  3. Amanda Avatar

    Laura, I saw you on one my favorite blogs (money saving mom, of course). You go girl! I am so impressed :)…I want to hear about these new projects of yours in person SOON :).

  4. Angela Avatar

    Hello, I would like to apologize first I thought I had downloaded and SAVED (I thought I did) your ebook, but unfortunately I am unable to find it anywhere on my computer. I tried doing a search. I also went to my paypal account thinking that there would be be a downloadable link there but there was none. I am not sure if you are able to help me out or not with another link. Again I am sorry, and thanks for your time.

  5. Margaret Avatar

    Hi, I just got my copy. I have it on my i-pad so that I can read when I have a few minutes while nursing the baby. Looking forward to learning from Blogger Behave and hope to write about it soon on my blog.


  6. Jackie Avatar

    Laura, I just finished your book! I love it! By the time I reached the end, I was in tears. Your transparency and the real reason we should all write was beautiful and transforming. I told my hubby today that I am probably the only person who needs 5 hours to write a 500 word blog. I just posted a link to my FB and I tweeted. I love your folksy style. Keep up the good work! Jackie Liberto

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