Encourage Your Child to High Standards While Learning at Home

Janelle asked,

“How do you encourage your kids to high standards in their learning without the benchmark of peers? How do you keep your kids motivated in their schoolwork without daily feedback from teachers and grades?”

This is a great question. My heart goes out to you as you face this challenge.

If my kids suddenly had to attend school and adjust to new benchmarks (the way your child suddenly has to learn from home), we’d struggle through it.

Here are some ideas about how we might adjust to this new way of learning:

We might have a conversation about off-roading.


If I were in your position, I might show my kids a car commercial (or two… or three… you know how it goes). We’d notice that a new car looks amazing when it’s coming off the line but its true grit is demonstrated when it off-roads and “puts the pedal to the metal”. As that new car swerves and races, leaps and bounds, it demonstrates that its got what it takes to be a great car. We learn things about that car that we couldn’t have known while it was at the manufacturer’s.

With this unexpected need to learn from home, your child is off-roading. Instead of learning in their accustomed context of peers, teachers, and grades, your child is learning in a challenging new way. Learning from home is an opportunity to demonstrate their character and exercise their muscle.

Will they be faithful without the feedback they’re used to?

Will they do their best even when no one is looking?

Will they immerse themselves in learning because they’ve got what it takes to be a great learner?

Be on your child’s team

Right now, we’re all swamped with our own “off-roading” and can’t fill our child’s void of peers, teachers, and grades, but maybe we can communicate that we’re on the same team, we’re routing for our kids, and we’ll do what we can to cheer them on.

Celebrate growth

A smile and a pat on the back can go a long way. When your child gets immersed in learning or puts forth effort, celebrate. Let them know that these challenging circumstances are showing that they’ve got what it takes to be a life-long learner… and that’s golden.

Take a look at your child’s hero

Help your child to see that most of our heroes aren’t motivated by peers, teachers, or grades. They are motivated by a love for their subject area, an inner drive to learn, a love for others, and a commitment to character. A biography or documentary about someone who works from these unshakable motivators can shape a child forever.

If you’re new to homeschooling and would like more practical help like this, click here:

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