Encouragement for Home

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You know, if we don’t proactively fill our hearts and minds with “home-loving” things, we might quickly forget the beautiful endeavor of building a home, loving a few hearts well, and creating a life-giving atmosphere. Two things that have been encouraging me lately:

1. The Shaping of a Christian Family by Elisabeth Elliot: a rich account of Elisabeth’s childhood home that is contagious, thought-provoking, and refreshingly other-worldly.

2. Season 1 of The Waltons: we grew up watching The Waltons re-runs on Philly 57, but nothing compares to spending time with this family as a grown woman who endeavors to establish a similarly loving home. Truly, Olivia Walton is my “hollywood hero” as she is consistently honest, gentle, wise, and hospitable. We picked up our Season 1 set at Sam’s Club and will save up for the rest of the seasons. Ryan and Vivienne are equally in love with this simple family.