Eureka! (and How!)

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I’m thrilled to share this break-through discovery with you that dawned upon me as I unpackaged some of Lia’s Christmas gifts in preparation for easier wrapping:

We all have finger-wrestled those twisties that keep dolls locked to their boxes, toy cars parked in their cardboard background, and little ponies frozen in place behind a plastic window. Well, this year we get our money’s worth: REUSE THE TWISTIES!

For starters, they are THE perfect thickness, bendability, and strength for children to bead bracelets, key-rings, and necklaces. (We are always beading something around here.)

I’m just positive there are about one hundred other uses for them: hanging ornaments, sculpting play-dough people, and, well, erm, anything we’d use twistie-ties for.

Just think: FREE TWISTIE TIES included in each toy purchase!! (Incentives like this could really boost sales this season.)

I’ve already got a spool of them building up…


P.S. While I was downloading the above photo – wait, do you see what I see?! Yet another use for the twisties: still-life art objects! (They are highly photogenic.) Anyway, while I was downloading, I realized that I never shared this moment with you two weeks ago: our Tiger-Lilies. Quite serious.