Expect An Onslaught of Owen, the Trinity, and Steak-sandwiches in the Days to Come…


I finished Secrets of the Baby Whisperer just in time for the arrival of Communion with the Triune God, by John Owen (17th C.). Yes, drastic shifts in genre, theme, and language, but that’s how I like my book lists. Where Tracy Hogg had me considering single-sided breastfeeding sessions and the E.A.S.Y approach to babyhood, Owen already has me facing my inaccurate beliefs about God, the One and the three. I can tell already that this book will be like a full course of nothing-but-steak, so it might take me some time to work through it, but it also comes as a timely challenge. I’ve been noticing weaknesses in my thoughts about the Trinity of God… especially my perception of Jesus Christ. While other people struggle especially with accepting the perfect love of God the Father (usually due to their relationships with their imperfect earthly fathers), I struggle to accept the very-present lover-type-love of God the Son (usually due to my imperfect dating relationships before I was married). It’s far easier for me to think about, pray to, and worship God the Father and God the Spirit, than God the Son. I tend to keep Jesus Christ conveniently historic; I can explain his roles succinctly as if He is a machine or a memory, carefully balancing my appreciation and my distance. Am I alone in this or have you ever favored or avoided one or more person(s) in the Trinity? I’m sure these tendencies evolve mostly from our sin, our earthly relationships, and incorrect teaching… How wonderful that God is always wanting to illuminate our incorrect beliefs and teach us to receive His full triune love and to love Him fully in return.

Upon working through the introduction of the book tonight, my first relief was to remember that each person of the Trinity is God; the distinct persons do not compete with one another for my affection. So, when I am loving and communing with God the Father, I am loving and communing with God the Trinity. My first conviction then, was to realize that God is the Trinity; ignoring one of the persons is equivalent to worshiping an idol. My second relief (quick on the heels of my first conviction) was to remember that we only love God because He first loved us; He is merciful to teach us the divine mysteries about Himself and to lead us to lives in which we receive His love and pour our own love back to Him.

Two of Owen’s thoughts that I highlighted so far…

“So much as we see of the love of God,

so much shall we delight in him, and no more.”

“There are none who despise Christ, but only they that know him not; whose eyes the god of this world hath blinded, that they should not behold his glory.” Consequently, may we “study him a little; you love him not, because you know him not.”

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