Explain This Photo

Okay, Sherlock, can you guess the “why” behind this photo??







9 responses to “Explain This Photo”

  1. Jan Avatar

    I see tears of PURE JOY!!!!

  2. erin elizabeth Avatar
    erin elizabeth

    SHE LOOKS LOVELY! He makes all things beautiful. Talk about a blessing in disguise! Wow. Praise God!

    so.. I was with a bunch of friends last night and I told them the story. When I said the line “It’s ok mom, I just won’t look at myself anymore”…. everyone died laughing. YOU HAVE TO WRITE THIS STUFF DOWN AND PUT IT IN A BOOK…. PLEASE!!!!
    P.S. you can dedicate the book to yours truly 🙂

  3. Kelly Avatar

    Did she get her ears pierced? She’s so lovely.
    I remember when I got mine done. I was 6 years old. It was a good thing they did both at the same time, because I’m not sure I would have gotten the second one done…

  4. Jan Avatar

    Was she not going to look at herself until she had earrings? I need details – I know if there are Viv quotes it will be hilarious!

  5. Em Avatar

    How did she react to the piercing? Did she cry? Did she say it hurt? Was she so completely fascinated with the needles that she didn’t care about the pain?

  6. Jenny Avatar

    told you 😉 You’ll never forget those tears—and how lovely her ears have become! Can’t wait to see her new ears!

  7. Kari Avatar

    I don’t know about the why, but that little face, big eyes, and bright red ear are breaking my heart!

  8. Sam Avatar

    Both the hair and the ears look gorgeous!! Can’t wait to hear all about the ear piercing when she stops at the office next time.

  9. Jenny Avatar

    To Viv: “I love that you got your ears pierced. I’m glad that you got your hair cut. When can I come to your house to see your ears?”

    From: Araelia

    (we are up late together having fun Mommy/Daughter time! Time to hit the hay!)

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