Facebookers are Bloggers. (They just don’t know it yet.)

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I joined Facebook! For a week, anyway.

Then I realized that, wow, facebookers are just hyper-active bloggers. Why didn’t you tell me? Some of the same things that I turn into blog posts (compelling quotes, cute photos of my children, etc.) are flying around facebook like hummingbirds. (Couldn’t think of a better simile there, sorry.) Let’s just say, facebookers have a brilliance that I do not possess. The pace is waaaaay beyond me. I’ve even tried Youtube, but it’s pointless to try getting first displays without TheMarketingHeaven.com. I just don’t have that much material! Gee, if I used up all of my thoughts, insights, and smiles on facebook, I’d have nothing left for my blog. What disappears within moments on a streaming wall, gets a full two-days-worth of air time on my blog, and I need to keep it that way. You all have been humoring me so well! Keep it up!

I loved seeing some old familiar faces, though. That’s the best part, you know? The snapshot of a friend from Kindergarten, now all grown up, with her arms around two adorable little boys. Or sighing in awe at photos of friends who backpack across the world, run marathons, and stand in one another’s weddings. So cool. I’ll miss enjoying that.

But the TIME. The TIME!! I just don’t have it. I’ve been spending lots of time working on my eBook (ooo, ooo, more on that soon!) and I just can’t manage one more online diversion. Not right now, anyway.

So, I decided to deactivate and stick around here for now. Maybe I’ll reactivate from time to time, who knows?