Family Fun Friday: Scavanger Surprise

LauraFamily Fun

When I was a kid, my dad used to jot down clues. White strips of paper with his perfect block letters, led us all over the house until we found the prize: a stick of Wrigley’s Gum. I loved these hunts. Sure, the gum lost its flavor in 30 seconds, but I loved that stick of gum. I still remember unwrapping the thick silver wrapping, and thinking about how it smelled just like my dad’s armoire, where he kept all of his interesting things like his flashlight, mechanical pencils, and, well, his stash of gum. These hunts always felt so special and fun. My dad went out of his way to make that happen.

That’s the memory I was thinking about when I planned last week’s Family Fun Night.

Everything came into place when I spotted Frosty the Snowman on sale at the grocery store. Without the girls noticing, I snagged a copy and hid it at the bottom of the cart under a loaf of bread. They didn’t have a clue!

Until, of course, we got home and I jotted down a stack of hints that would have everyone – Ryan, included – running all the way up to the attic and back again, until finally, they discovered Frosty, waiting with a smiling face.

We piled on the couch and enjoyed that old classic together, the girls laughing at the silly magician and sniffling at the melted Frosty, just like I used to do when I was a girl.

(Ooo, and BONUS: Ryan brought home soft pretzels that he toasted up and slathered with Nutella. FAMILY. FUN. NIGHT. BABY.)

Isn’t it interesting that when we make an event out of an opportune treasure, we can lighten hearts and unify souls? Let’s be on the look-out for more ways to bless our families this week!

Humble or extravagant, melted or not, did you enjoy a special time with your family this week? We’d love to hear about it! Link on up!