Family Fun Friday: Still Frame Movie

LauraFamily Fun

Last week, we watched the original Wallace and Gromit film, “A Close Shave” (a “watch instantly” on Netflix). So, so cute. (A bit frightening in parts; so watch it before showing it to your young ‘uns.)

That spurred Ryan and the girls to watch some YouTube footage about how they make still frame films with clay.

Which, spurred me to write “Movie Making!” on the calendar for our family fun night.

‘Ends up, neither of our girls are inclined to cinematography presently, so after about 10 minutes, Ryan and I were having all of the fun and the girls were, well, “Giiirrrrrllls! Come back! This is family fun night!”

Unlike “A Close Shave,” there are no sheep or bad robot-dogs in our short. Only a little guy who needs a friend. Enjoy!