Family Fun Friday: Strawberry Snow

Yes, Family Fun Night must always be delicious. At least while I’m pregnant.

This idea was all Ryan’s!

Fresh Strawberry Snow Ice Cream!

Blend together:

10 – 15 fresh strawberries

1/2 C. sugar

2 C. milk

dash of vanilla

Add fresh, clean snow to the mixture until it’s the consistency you like!

(One of the best parts of making this in the evening is the magic of playing in the snow at night. Glorious!)






7 responses to “Family Fun Friday: Strawberry Snow”

  1. Hannah Avatar

    Awesome idea! I know what’s for dessert tomorrow, thanks!

    Love your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Brandi Avatar

    Precious!! I love the looks on their faces. In Alabama we’ve had more wintry mix than ever this year, but I live right below the line where there is snow. Not so sure I could pull this off with the slush on my deck. Your family is so sweet, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. julie Avatar

    I tried making some snow ice cream but was warned to let some *clean looking* snow melt first because there would be black flecks in it from polution. I totally did not think there would be, but there was! My kids had fun trying to stir up the snow and spread salt on their bowls to make it melt faster etc. I’m sure your snow has less toxins because you’re way out in a farmland area. We have a relatively busy street a few doors down outside of our subdivision–I’m thinking that’s where it comes from.

  4. julie Avatar

    I should clarify, AFTER we realized it wasn’t safe to consume, I let my kids each experiment with a big bowl of it.

  5. Anne Avatar

    That looks delicious.

    Julie’s comment reminds me of something I once heard in a sermon. The minister was saying how perfectly white newly fallen snow looks, but apparently under the microscope, each flake has a black spot of dirt. But God has promised to make us *whiter* than the snow…. with Christ’s righteousness, we are not *as* white as the snow, but *whiter*….
    just remembered that from reading the above x

  6. Laura Avatar

    Julie – thanks for the heads up. Yes, we live in the country, but our snow is probably polluted, too. (Yikes.)

    And, Anne – what an interesting point! We will never tire of the intricacies of God’s Word! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wranglermama Avatar

    If we ever get any more snow this winter I am so doing this!
    With our last snow I used a recipe that had sweetened evaporated milk and it was just way too sickeningly sweet.

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