Family Fun Friday: Wii are Fit!

Viv requested that we play Nickalodeon Wii Fit games for our Family Fun Friday this week.

It was totally fun.

The best part was watching Ryan win a gold medal in the Dora Extreme Pogo competition. 🙂

After our fantastic workout, we enjoyed my new pregnancy find: Edy’s Coconut Cream Fruit Bars! Yum and fun.

(By the way, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the Nickalodean Fit if you have a Wii and a young ‘un. The games are perfect for kids in the 3-7 year old range, who might not be able to play the original Wii games yet. Lots of fun, and lots of activity!)






One response to “Family Fun Friday: Wii are Fit!”

  1. Brandy Avatar

    I’m behind on blog-reading, which is why I’m JUST reading this.

    I wanted to say THANK YOU for suggesting that! We didn’t even know Nickelodean had a Wii Fit game. I’m going to add this to our wishlist … it’ll save SO MUCH frustration on our girls part because they want to do Wii Fit with us, but have a hard time with the games!

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