Family Fun Friday

Last Friday, we were just relaxing and enjoying our extended family over the Thanksgiving weekend. The girls love spending time with our relatives on both sides of the family; they were happy beyond belief to spend this weekend with my side of the family.

We love heading to my parents’ home and spending that long weekend with family. There are just some places of our hearts that are filled best (and only) by each other.

Every year, we head out together and get my parents Christmas tree. My sister Erin wears the Christmas tree skirt until all the decorations are donned, and the Charlie Brown “lu-lu-lu” song is sung. Then the tree steals it back for yet another year of celebration.

The kids have a blast and want to live there. Every time. Why? Well, perhaps it has something to do with…

* One of my younger sisters keeps them zipping around the house, hiding and seeking, squealing and laughing. She also invented a new game called, “Who-who-whose on my back?!” in which all of the grandchildren climb, yes, on her back and she guesses who it is. They loved this. It is nutty. But they loved it.

* My other younger sister holds her annual Thanksgiving Weekend dance party, at which, I am always happy to note that my daughters are becoming better dancers than I am. (I couldn’t pay enough money for them to dance with someone like my professional-level-swing-dancing sister. But, I get it for free every year! It’s a tradition by now!)

* Their cousins are simply adorable; and they love them ever so much. One cousin, in particular, has a knock-your-socks-off imagination and she keeps the girls giggling and howling all weekend long.

* I was also happy to notice that Little Lia, quiet but strong, found her own moments to snuggle up with Grandmom – just the two of them. Bath time, reading time.  She’d forgo  a run around the yard with the other kids just to get Grandmom all to herself. (I told you she was smart.) I’d see her all snuggled up and I knew she felt like a million bucks.

Do your sisters or brothers, mothers or fathers fill in special places of your family’s heart that no one else can? I’d love to read all about it, if you’ve gotta moment to leave a comment!






2 responses to “Family Fun Friday”

  1. Jen Avatar

    We live quite a distance from both sides of our family, but recently returned from visiting my in-laws and you are so right that family definitely fills places in my heart that others don’t. Such wonderful days and one of my favorite parts is watching our kids soak up time with their grandparents. Thanks for the inspiration to start a post on Friday about fun family activities. I just posted my first one and am looking forward to seeing how others are spending their time as families.

  2. Tara Avatar

    i love your family!! to the point that i consider all of your family my family!!! he he!! especially little miss erin!!! and as for my famuly everytime we all get together it is like we have never left!! we dont live far apart and get to see each other often!! but getting us all home all the same time does take some work!! and im sure you can only imagine all the chaos of all 12 of us plus grandkids!! its amazing and i wouldnt trade it for the world!!!

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