Feed the Birds

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On New Year’s Day, we decked our backyard evergreen with a handful of pine-cone bird-feeders, a pot of popcorn, and a box of stale Jumbo Rice Krispies (This box has been sitting in our pantry forever. I just couldn’t feed them to my family once I discovered that they are not just large Rice Krispies as I was expecting… no, they are puffs of pure sugar. Buyer beware!).

P.S. I found that just tossing the popcorn or placing it on the boughs was a large enough task for us… and it served its purpose just fine. Besides, I just couldn’t imagine stringing popcorn around the tree only to watch birds and squirrels choke out there in the peaceful morning snow.

We wanted to help feed God’s little creatures. You’ll see that our first visitor was the most precious of all!