Fight, Flight, Freeze…or Faith? (And a new podcast episode!)

When you’re faced with a crisis, do you tend to fight, run away, or freeze like a deer in the headlights?

I, for one, react every which way when the going gets tough.

Sometimes, we’re served well by our instincts: they kick into high gear at just the right time and we do the right thing. Other times, they disappoint us and, after the crisis is over, we shake our heads because we simply didn’t react the way we wish we had.

I’m here to tell you that in any crisis – whether we are fighting for our lives, hightailing it out of there, or stuck in our tracks – we have one option that will never disappoint us: faith.

We can go get Jesus.

Our bodies may react in fear, but our spirits can react in faith.

We’ve been having tons of fun in the snow this winter, but I’ve been thinking about one snowy day many years ago when I was faced with a scary situation and I didn’t know what to do. I share the story of “The Wrong Inhaler” on my new podcast “Expect Something Beautiful.

Just click on the sled below to hear the newest story.

I hope it reminds you to call out to Jesus, who is our help in time of trouble.

Listen to “The Wrong Inhaler”

Special thanks to the team at Revive Our Hearts for their skilled production of Expect Something Beautiful with Laura Booz.





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