First Day Flop

I had great plans for our first day of school etched in my notebook. It was going to be a day of introductions to the vigorous first grade curriculum that I compiled. And, in my wildest dreams, it was going to flow right into Day 2, when we would get right down to work for the next 180 days.

As the day progressed, I could tell that my plans were going by the way-side. We stayed at the fair longer than I had anticipated, the baby needed to be nursed (over and over again), I had to go to the grocery store, and time just wasn’t on my side. I was feeling defeated. I was feeling like this was a First Day Flop. And then, I turned around and was pleasantly surprised at the way my plans were blown out of the water.

We enjoyed our annual “First Day of School Fieldtrip” by cheering on our favorite farmer at The Grange Fair Swine Competition.

Then, Vivienne went up in the ferris wheel, and I watched her from below. Two little pony-tails, bobbing way above the earth; she was higher than she’d ever been before, looking over tree tops and watching people mill about below. A book could never have taught her about that thrill, or about that perspective.

My sister Erin was visiting for the week, and, while I scurried around the grocery store, she took Viv under her wing.

First, they made paper chains and paper lanterns to decorate the school room.

Then they went out in the canoe and paddled around our pond, looking for fresh water wonders. We have a bucket full of snails and such to meet.

Then, they sat on the swing and Vivienne read aloud the first chapter in the beloved “B is for Betsy”.

Erin helped to create a better first day of school than I could ever dream up. In doing so, she reminded me how beautiful homeschooling can be.

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