First Day

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Starting with a field-trip to the Grange Fair, our First Day of Kindergarten was fun! When we returned from the pig-judging, goat-milking, and bunny-loving, we did about 30 minutes of “school” and were on our way.

Ryan was so happy last night: “Wow! This is OUR home! We have a school in OUR home! That’s amazing!” And my sister, Julie, was so encouraging when she pointed out, “You’ve been waiting your whole life for this!” They are right: it *is* amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this as a family.


Back at home, I was amazed by how happy both girls were to do their own thing.

Two pictures that I didn’t snap, but are in my memory: 1. When Vivienne came down into the school room and actually put her prairie bonnet on, and 2. When Ryan knelt down with us to pray for our little school, explaining to the girls why we are choosing to educate them at home and how much we love them.

So, here’s to our school!

(You’ll notice Lia propped her own legs up and got comfy with a book, too.)