Free Printable of “Today…” (The Lovely and Costly Work of Motherhood)

Yesterday, hundreds of women sent this post about motherhood to one another through email, Facebook, and twitter.

Around dinner time, my sister called as I was peeling potatoes at the kitchen sink. She thanked me for writing, and said that my words often help her navigate motherhood as a missionary in the roughest part of a big city. I told her I was glad, but in truth, I was just obeying the echoes of my high school English teacher to “write the truest thing you know”. We wondered together why so many women seemed to have resonated with the day’s post. My sister said, “I think that we need this type of encouragement because motherhood is so difficult – even for women who have relatively smooth roads. We need to strengthen and build each other up day after day.”

I think she’s right.

To help you and I daily consider the true value of our work as mothers, my generous and gifted friend Ashley Munn transformed my post into this graphic that you may print, post, and share.

May the Lord bless you in your motherhood and bless you in your today.








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