Friday Favorites

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I enjoyed doing this a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d let you know three things I’m lovin’ this week…

In no particular order:

1. Crystal Deodorant


Good-bye, Tom’s of Maine make-me-even-more-stinky natural deodorant! Hello, Crystal Body Deodorant, an all-natural product that actually works! This product is made of natural mineral salts which are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-sticky, non-staining, dries instantly and leaves no white residue. These products are also Paraben Free and Contain NO Harmful Aluminums! (That info is straight off the web-site.)

I found the spray bottle at Target, have been using for a couple of months, and am thoroughly pleased. It lasts forever and is a FIND.

2. A Do-able strategy for making a toddler-bed-rail bed!

I’m not a neat-freak, but it does drive me nuts to shove Vivienne’s comforter into her bed rail every day. It always looks like a bunchy mess. Besides, these days, with my limited bending radius, it’s even harder to make her bed neatly. I finally found a solution that appeases my no-fuss and no-bunchy-mess desires. I simply fold her comforter under itself on the bed-rail side. Wa-lah. No no fuss, no bunchy mess.

img_0415.jpg                    img_0419.jpg

3. The Preggo-Layered-Look


Feeling uninspired by my limited wardrobe, I asked for a consultation from my two dear friends who happen to be capitol-F-Fabulous mommies who are stylish, modest, and on a budget.  Most of my cuter non-wrinkle options are short sleeves, so the girls suggested that I invest in a couple of long-sleeved tees in order to *expand* my maternity wardrobe.  I already have several different colored tank-tops that cover my stomach and take care of those maternity shirts that are all about showing off a woman’s newly blossomed bosom (how in the world does one spell “bosom”? Is that right?)  But I did need some long-sleeve options.   So, Viv and I  found some good deals at Target that will  get me through to February.

I’ll be sporting the layered-look a lot this season, but it’s better than living in sweats. (I’m hoping that in a Friday or two I’ll be sharing a photo of the chic maternity skirt that I found… since I’m still hunting for one! Is there some unwritten law that pregnant women can’t wear attractive skirts? ‘Cause they’re no where to be found!)