Friday Favorites

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On this amusing Friday, instead of  favorite things, I would like to share some favorite moments from our day.

I loved…

1.  When the Angel of the Lord (Vivienne) flew around the house and prematurely arrived at Mary (me) only to say with a mouth full of mush, “I have a message, but I can’t tell you yet because I’m still chewing my meat stick”.

2.  When Vivienne fervantly washed pistachio shells for half an hour at her art table.  The time I had to myself and the novelty of her activity were so fabulous that I didn’t even mind that she was using my glass of water as her wash basin.

3.  When Vivienne pretended to be a cat at bedtime.  I told her to crawl into the bathroom to brush her teeth with Daddy.  She turned to me and said, “But kitty cats don’t brush their teeth with a toothbrush! They use their paws!” She proceeded to pull her foot up to her mouth in order to “brush her feet with her paws”.