Friday Favorites

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1. Free Smells: Spring!


In the middle of a dull late-January afternoon, where can you go for a little whiff of Spring goodness? To your local Giant grocery store, of course.  On our last outing, I noticed that the floral department is stocked with all kinds of spring flowers WAY TOO EARLY, but while the ice pellets fall on our colorless beds, I find the sneak-peak into Spring quite refreshing. Get your free smell soon!

2.  Grocery Deal: Gluten-free Baking Mixes


Of all the botched gluten-free baking I’ve tried in the past several years, some of the yummiest cakes and breads that have survived our taste-testing are from Pamela’s mixes.  Now, you can subscribe to and order them at a discounted rate.  We recommend the bread, pancake, chocolate-chip cookie, and cake mixes.

3. My Cheery “Pregnancy Coach”


This is what I call Denise Austin who, now that I’m waaaay past 36 weeks, leads me in a mild Fit & Firm Pregnancy work-out most mornings.  It took me a minute to get used to her constant encouragement, but once I decided to like her gushing, we became good friends.  I’m just glad I can get moving again after these couple of non-exercised months.  My part-dog need to get out and run around has been aching and I love that I can finally bundle Viv into the stroller and take walks on nice days or do the mambo with four other pregnant ladies on my TV screen when it’s cold and icy.