Friday Favorites

* Burt’s Bees Lip Balm


This stuff rocks. Besides, it doubles as a healthy snack. Ryan read somewhere that the average woman consumes 4-9 pounds of lipstick during her life time. Folks, that’s the weight of our new baby girl. That’s a lot of lipstick. (I don’t know about you, but I would so much rather consume that weight of a high quality dark chocolate.) I couldn’t help but shudder at all of the toxins and non-foods smooshed into the lipsticks that I wear. I figure, I’ve probably already consumed at least half of my quota. Thus, my growing enthusiasm for cosmetics I can eat peacefully.



* The Guide to Less Toxic Products

While I’m on the “let’s eat fewer chemicals” topic, check out this extensive guide that actually rates various products according to their “good for you-ness”.

* The Ambidextrous Swaddle

Is anyone giving out Daddy Awards? ‘Cause I know a very good candidate! Ryan Booz. This guy alternates the direction of Lia’s swaddle so that when he lays her down on top of the final flap of fabric, she can sleep on alternate sides of her body. My mom always told me to marry a good dad – and I did.

* Rockin’ Rabbit

We are just so grateful that a wonderful surprise emerged from the attic with the bin of plastic Easter eggs: THIS BUNNY that my mom had so lovingly given us last year! Only, it’s even better this year because last year’s almost-two-year-old is this year’s almost-three-year old with tons more stamina to push that button over and over and over again… I must admit, though, it does get one dancing.

(You can find anything on youtube.)

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