Frog and Toad and Buttons Sewed!

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I have a lot to learn about motherhood, but this one maxim I’ve got down:

Very few diversions rival the button jar.

One of the many activities that employ said button jar:

Frog and Toad are Friends Preschool Lesson Plan

* Read “The Lost Button” by Arnold Lobel

* Choose a jacket-type-garment that your child can alter

* Empty the contents of your button jar onto a table

* Read the story again, pausing to let the child find an example for each button that is described

* According to the child’s ability, choose a thread color, thread the needle, and sew the buttons onto the jacket. Incorporate the child in as much of the project as possible (ex. thread the needle just far enough for the thread to poke through the hole; ask the child to grasp the end of the thread and pull it the rest of the way).

* When you are finished sewing, refer back to the story and ask the child, “What did Toad do with the jacket after he sewed it? (A: He gave it to Frog)

Then ask, “What did Frog do when Toad gave it to him?” (A: He put it on and jumped for joy!)

Finally ask, “What happened to the buttons?” (A: None of them fell off because Toad had sewed them very well.)

* Then – you guessed it – your child can put the jacket on and jump for joy to see if you sewed the buttons on very well!