Get a Manifesto: Social Media, Behave! Day 5

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Once we make a public statement about something, we’re much more likely to live it out. I remember the day I accidentally published a post about writing an eBook. Once it was out there, I felt compelled to make it happen. Two months later, I was the proud momma of Blogger Behave: Make your blog benefit your life so you can love both! It was great! Then, I really felt compelled to follow my own advice even though I just wanted to sit in front of the computer screen and sell books all day.  Speaking publicly gives us an unforgettable accountability and fuels our passion. Once we stand up on a soapbox, people quiet down to listen, and we have to deliver!

That’s why I’m going to share my Social Media Manifesto with you: so I live the thing out.

1. I believe that my presence online is a gift from God for myself and my readers. I will seek His direction for every move I make – from tweets to eBooks.

2. I will keep my Social Media expectations high and wholesome, demanding a good return on my investment.

3. I will tell my husband and children when, where, and how I want to participate in Social Media.

4. I will think twice before I subscribe, sign up, and create accounts. I will consider the cost of each new addition.

5. I will be content with who I am and what I have. The shiny new platforms and opportunities will have to answer to me so that I can decide if they will benefit my life.


To do: Write your manifesto. Publish it somewhere, somehow. Then, each day live it out.

Oh, you’ve got to let us know what your manifesto is. Please include it in the comments or send us directly to your awesome post!

Thank you for joining me this week. This was a blast! Thank you Sarah Mae, for giving us this space to play and talk things out.

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