Get Ready for Family Fun Friday!

Can you imagine the unity we will build in our families by planning a refreshing time together every week?

Can you imagine the inspiring ideas we’ll come up with in our community?

I want to start a meme with you to help us proactively bless our families with consistent togetherness and fun.

What do you say to a weekly Family Fun Friday?

Growing up, Friday night was MOVIE NIGHT! We’d make a home-made pizza, sip root-beer floats, and watch a good family movie. If you asked any of my sisters, we’d all agree that these nights were formative in our personalities and interests. To this day, they remain precious in our memories. The musicals we watched inspired hours (and hours) of singing practice, not to mention hours (and hours) of skating around the basement, singing and dancing and acting our hearts out together. This simple, weekly activity gave us a common ground, a common taste. It kept us young and protected our innocence; it kept us thinking about things that were wholesome and good: while our peers were watching Sixteen Candles, we were Singing in the Rain. (True story.)

Now, as the mother of this little family, I am convinced that memorable and consistent occasions like this are essential in creating a full, unified, and loving family life. I’ve read so many books and articles that reiterate “refreshing and memorable family times keep children from jumping ship”; they “open doors of communication”; they even “enlighten young hearts about the gospel itself”. And I believe it! (The most convincing books from my personal library have been For the Family’s Sake, The Mission of Motherhood, GirlTalk, Feminine Appeal, and Treasuring God in Our Traditions.)

The hard part is – I’m the mother and it’s my responsibility to plan the fun. To knead the dough, buy the root-bear, and rent the movie. To look at the calendar, schedule the occasion, and extend the invitations. Like most other worth-while habits, planning family fun requires effort. My effort. Your effort.

But this is work that will have momentary and eternal value. All of our effort will be worth our while!

We just need a little inspiration, a handful of ideas, and a community of women pulling in the same direction.

Hence, “Family Fun Friday”.

This will encourage us to pro-actively plan a meaningful and consistent family time every single week. I’d love for you to join in the fun! If we all work together, we’ll pool so many good ideas and inspiration.

Let’s commit to escaping from our computers, cell phones, business, workbooks, and chores, and enjoying our families deeply and fully.

Tomorrow, I’ll post photos and ideas from our Family Fun Friday last week. Get ready to join in the community by linking up or commenting.

We are mothers aiming to bless our families.


Remember, you have one more day to win a $50 Gift Certificate to The Vintage Pearl!

The contest closes on Friday morning, so get your comments in!

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9 responses to “Get Ready for Family Fun Friday!”

  1. Christin Avatar

    What a fabulous idea! I may have to take you up on this one. What a great way to just bless the family at the end of a work week. I like it!! I may have to join in 🙂

    Tomorrow would be my first night. So I better think quickly. My children are still young and really, they are easily pleased, so it shouldn’t take much! 🙂 I look forward to seeing all the creative ideas! 🙂

  2. Rachel Avatar

    Love this, friend!! I cherished those special nights when I was small too!!

  3. Cherie Avatar

    I totally agree that we need to make it a priority to make these moments happen, because they won’t happen without careful planning!

    Terrific idea!

  4. Tara Avatar

    we have movie/game nights every friday too! the boys love it and its something they knows happens every friday! noah and colby always have to agree on which movie or game we play. sometimes there are a lot of tears but if they cant agree then they have to pick somthign differnt. in the end they can always agree on one of them! plus it makes them work together! love it!!

  5. Marci@OvercomingBusy Avatar

    Great idea! We used to do special family stuff on Friday nights or Sunday nights. We are still together those nights, but I wouldn’t call them “special”. I want to plan to make family nights special again! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Jen Avatar

    What a great idea and a perfect way to encourage each other!! I have been reading “Seasons of a Mother’s Heart” and love how Sally Clarkson talks about celebrating life with our kids. Looking forward to your post tomorrow and being inspired by all involved. 🙂

  7. Laura Avatar

    So glad for the enthusiasm! This is going to be great. 🙂

  8. michelle Avatar

    I love this! What a wonderful idea. Sign me up, because it goes perfectly with my newly designed blog…(shh…haven’t announced that part yet!).

    Thank you for starting this. I’m really excited to be a part.

  9. Jenny Avatar

    and hey….I loved your blog about Friday nights. Friday nights are very special at home…but Todd isn’t there with us (YET!).

    But I have to be honest, I am terribly about being Intentional about it. So, we will be planning…and getting excited. Todd is not going to know what hit him once he’s able to spend nights together with his little peeps! We can’t wait, either! I just know it…that if we have it planned just so (even a little bit) the nights will be memorable–full of games, fun movies, homemade pop corn, etc.

    So, thanks for that reminder. I think being intentional is such a good thing! And your gentle reminder that it is our responsibility was actually really warm to my heart. I need that reminder sometimes….I know I complain about it, “Why do I have to plan everything….if it wasn’t for me, it would never be!” oh…yuck.

    Instead, I will look at it as, “What a gift! Go plan, go crazy fun on your family!”

    So, thanks for that obvious revelation (I know kind of oxymoronish).


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