Give the kids some choices

If you and your toddler are tiring of a constant struggle of the wills, remember the fantastic Montessori suggestion that, instead of telling a toddler to do something, give them two choices for accomplishing that task.

For example, instead of commanding, “Put your shoes on,” try, “Which one do you want to put on first: your left shoe or your right shoe?”

Or, instead of saying, “Get in the car; we have to go home now,” try, “Do you want to skip to the car or run?”







5 responses to “Give the kids some choices”

  1. Jo Avatar

    oh I needed this reminder today! sigh. tomorrow is a new day. and tomorrow will be full of choices. [and hopefully less of my frustration and impatience].Thankyou!

  2. Kari Swigart Avatar
    Kari Swigart

    Definitely a win -win!

  3. Molly Decker Avatar
    Molly Decker

    Totally agree…however, Ethan’s getting smart and starting to say. “Neither!” Maybe I just need to come up with more enticing choices!!! 🙂

  4. Laura Avatar

    That Ethan… he’s a smarty! When a two-year-old can stump Maria Montessori, well, wow. 😉

  5. Jo Avatar

    this was so good I posted a link to it in my blog today. thankyou for reminders and the network of mums that ‘catch each other’ as we journey on this craaaaaazy parenting thing!

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