God made ME!

“Your hands have made and fashioned me…” Psalm 119:73

This week, I traced Vivienne on wrapping paper, cut “her” out and hung “her” on the door. Then the real Vivienne chose the fabric, stickers, and yarn to complete the masterpiece. Can you see the resemblance? 😉 Ryan calls the girl on the door “Hip-Hop Vivienne.”



This week’s unit included the life cycle of a person, discovering that God has great purposes for us at each stage of our lives. (Vivienne was SHOCKED that Aunt Em- is a still a teenager! “She’s a TEENager?!” she gasped in disbelief as if she were an experienced psychologist or something. I had to explain, “Well, she’s a mature teenager who’s almost an adult…” and then I quickly came up with a more believable example.) Vivienne’s quite pleased to identify herself with the preschooler on the time-line (after all, he is dressing himself and we all know that buttons are hard work!). (I hope you’re appreciating her repertoire of *smiles*!)





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