I’m Going to Seminary! (Day 16)

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Viv (Our sweet little Viv, all those years ago…)

I’m going to seminary! Well, not really. But kind of…

I sent a brief email to my pastor, letting him know what I’m up to, and asking him for suggestions about how I might grow as a Bible teacher.

His reply was so supportive and sincere. He suggested that I take advantage of some wonderful (and free!) online seminary courses – like Covenant Seminary  and Reformed Theological Seminary. He told me to look for courses in Biblical interpretation (hermeneutics), systematic theology, Biblical theology, and preaching / teaching (homiletics).

And now, 10 minutes later, I’m registered for seminary! (I didn’t even have to write an essay about my greatest regrets, my global hero, or what makes me special.) I’m hoping that these non-credit courses will enrich me, one lesson at a time. There are approximately one million amazing courses to choose from, but I’ve finally selected one course from each seminary.

Here’s my plan.


From my desktop (while folding laundry, doing my make-up, in the morning before the kiddos wake up, etc.):  I decided to begin with a course called “God & His Word”, taught by Dr. Michael Williams at Covenant. It covers: “the doctrine of Scripture, including inspiration, inerrancy, and the principles of biblical interpretation; study of the person, works, and attributes of God.” That ought-a keep me busy for a while!


From my iPhone (while cooking, cleaning, running about, etc.): iTunes University was surprisingly easy to install on my phone. RTS has very clear directions on their site. Once the program is on your phone, you can browse the available courses and add them to your library. Then, you can put your phone in your back pocket and go to class wherever you are! I’ll listen to a course about the Gospels.

I am so grateful that other teachers have made their lessons available to all of us. What a gift from God.