Gonna Write an eBook

It came to me in the middle of the night while I was nursing our baby.

The energy of a new idea! The kind of idea that will take lots of time and thought! But, the kind of idea that has the gotta-do-it-now motivation thumping through it like a hummingbird’s pulse. So, although you might think I’m CRAZY (you’re right!), this just seems like the perfect time to write an eBook. I might be losing brain cells by the hour, but who needs brain cells when she has a fire in her belly?

Truth be told, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing an eBook for a couple of years; I even have a fairly decent draft of one sitting right here on my desktop. (I’ll pretty it up and give it away for free sometime soon, just to get things rolling.) But, for the first time in my life, I feel the compulsion to buckle down and really write about a topic that I love with all of my heart. (Sorry, for now the topic is a surprise, but when I unveil it, you won’t be surprised at all.)

I purchased my friend Sarah Mae’s How to Market and Sell Your eBook and I’m jumping in. Her book is wonderfully helpful. When it comes to social media, I need some pretty generous hand-holding.  Sarah Mae provides such clear instructions and advice that I think I’ll actually be able to make a go of it.



Speaking of Sarah Mae, she also has written a very successful eBook called 31 Days to Clean. Waaay back, when the book first came out, I told Sarah Mae that I’d advertise for her and even write a review for her. And then I forgot. all. about. it. (I was pregnant at the time.) So, although her sales have been so successful and certainly don’t need my promotion, I am thoroughly embarrassed that I forgot to keep my word. With no more excuses, I present – and promote – Sarah Mae’s wonderful 31 Days to Clean. Women all over the world are appreciating the combination of spiritual and practical encouragement. And in one month’s time, they are gettin’ a clean house to boot! Now, that’s worth $4.99. As it turns out, this is pretty good timing to purchase a copy, because you can follow along with a new video series about each day’s cleaning challenge!

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