“how to hatch chicken eggs”

Just call me Farmer Laura.

Yes, we hatched eggs in Kindergarten years ago, too.

But it is suspiciously more difficult this time around.

Let’s just say there was a LOT the teacher didn’t tell us.



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3 responses to “Googled:”

  1. Kelly Langner Sauer Avatar

    i must needs giggle here… hee hee!

  2. Jan Avatar

    Harrion’s 1st grade class did this recently and it was a major highlight of his year – it will be worth whatever hard work it takes! And the chicks were SO CUTE – bonus!

  3. Jenny Avatar

    Dear Farmer Laura,

    If you ever want some pointers…just some ‘here’s my experience’ with raising chickens…I’ll fill your ears full of it. And maybe some chicken poop, too.

    Seriously—we raised chickens from the time I was 5 till…well, my family still has chickens.

    Free range and good eats.

    I once dream that chickens were chasing me with their heads cut off (after a full day of butchering). I’ve never recovered. And my kids think it’s the funniest dream they ever heard of.

    Would love to share. Google my brain 😉

    Love you…

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