Goggles, Pie, and an October Snowman

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3 Things you Need to Know About our Week

1. It just so happens that the “Letter G” Goggles that Vivienne constructed could only fit adults.

Sweet. I knew I chose the Phonics Museum for some good reasons!

2. We baked a gluten-free, sugar-free apple pie that was, actually, scrumptious.

Who would have guessed that my last minute “Oh, I’ll throw in some raisins, too” would have been its demise around here. I will definitely be making another one without the raisins… Here’s how: Pamela’s Bread Mix + The Red Checked Cookbook’s Classic Apple Pie recipe (you know the one) with honey instead of sugar = healthy and yummy eating!

3. We built a leafy snowman.

It surprised me, too. On October 15. Here’s hoping he rakes himself up once the snow melts…