‘Gotta Read This!

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First of all, check out the blog, Holy Experience. I’ve been so blessed and inspired by the artistry and thoughtfulness even though I don’t even know who this woman is (alas, the surreal nature of the Internet). While you’re there, check out one of her most recent posts: “Seven Daily Rungs…”

Anyway, it was there that I found this encouraging article about parenting. It’s long, so I printed it out (besides, I have all kinds of things to highlight and underline, ya know). At first glance, it looks homeschool-specific, but I’m certain that it applies to all sorts of homes. It comes at a good time for us: Ryan and I are really thinking seriously about the kind of family we want to be; the kind of Christians we want to be; the kind of moments we want to live on this planet. This article is full of warnings, balances, and encouragements. I hope you find it helpful, too!