Hair: Make it Work For You

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Whenever I feel like I’m having a bad hair day, it’s usually because my newly-growing maternity hair has a mind of its own and is curling in very odd ways. It’s usually just one or two curls that are decidedly wrong. And, truly, they can affect my whole appearance. SO, on days when I want to overcome this problem, I simply whip out my 2-inch curling iron and round out those curls so that they flatter my face and aren’t so obnoxious. I have to remind myself: “Don’t let a few stray hairs boss you around today! Make them work for you!” It only takes 5 minutes and can change my whole day.

Just this week, it dawned on me that most women must have just two or three of these tricks that require minimal effort with maximum results.

‘Have any of your own?