Hammer a Pumpkin

You were on my mind this weekend.

‘Thought you might be itchin’ for an inspiring activity to occupy your children and your pumpkins.

Your wish is my command.

Grab some nails, sturdy hammers, and get to work hammering pumpkins!

The nails slip in so easily, even the littlest workers can succeed.

Older children might want to create a design; all the children will enjoy adding magnets for decoration. (Be sure to make a few whacks yourself; it’s highly therapeutic.)







4 responses to “Hammer a Pumpkin”

  1. Faith Avatar

    I like this!! yes, I think it could get a little of my stress relieved. Great idea.

  2. Brandy Avatar

    LOL that’s a great idea! Hmmm and I was thinking about picking up another pumpkin to make some more puree for the freezer too … lol

  3. Amanda Parks Avatar

    I came home a few evenings ago to find that Sam and the kids had found a good use for those halloween pumpkins…they had convinced him to drop the pumpkin the roof onto the sidewalk so they could watch them explode!!!

  4. Amy Avatar

    We so did this after I saw it on Barefoot in Suburbia’s blog. It was fun.

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