Happy Baby, Happy Momma

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Because I asked you to pray for a bowel movement, it’s only right that I let you know the good news…


(Cheers and hoots!)

The best part for me was that it all happened while the nurses were monitoring his vital signs in the nursery, so they changed his diaper!

(I must admit, I was looking forward to that diaper with a mix of excitement and trepidation…) So, more cheers and hoots!

Also, the pediatrician clipped his tongue-tie this morning. (The bottom tip of his tongue was attached to the bottom of his mouth. This could have been a part of the dehydration and jaundice since it definitely affects nursing.) Though not all pediatricians will do this simple procedure, it wasn’t a big deal at all; didn’t even seem to produce any blood. I’m grateful that our pediatrician group has a few docs who are advocates and experts on the procedure. I definitely recommend taking a peak underneath your newborn’s tongue to check for the condition right away. If it’s something that can be fixed so easily and prevent so much risk, it is worth doing.

I give us all permission to enjoy an ice cream cone in Malachi’s honor today! 🙂