Har, har, har!

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So, long after I posted our “Day-in-the-Life” Schedule, Ryan and I were dozing off to sleep one night when, out of the blue, he said, “I just have one question.”

“What’s that?” I mumbled, half asleep.

“Are you really going to have a snack and clean up in just 10 minutes??”

I gave him a good-natured swat – just like Grandma Walton swattin’ Zeb (‘remember all that swattin’ she did?!).

Well, you and Ryan can tease if you’d like, but we’re going to be having a good time here – wolfing down snacks and all. For the record, though, I should have added a great, big “-ish” to the time-frame just to reassure you that I won’t be a drill sargeant… just a kindergarten teacher. Now march 2,3,4!