Haven Havin’


For those of you who are checking in here for updates about the “Making Your Home a Haven” challenge, today is a fun day to enjoy each other… to make our homes and presences something that our husbands and children actually want to be around.

SO… this morning, Vivienne and I first mailed Aunt Em’s birthday present, then ventured out to the library where we rented V’s favorite-ever movie The Sound of Music. She and dad might watch it tonight while I’m exchanging cookies and watching a Pampered Chef demonstration (and somehow politely avoiding the purchase forms) at a neighbor’s house.

After playing at the library for a little while, we picked up lunch and headed to Ryan’s office, where we ate together and where Ryan totally beat me in a couple games of Wii Tennis. I just can’t seem to get the hang of that thing: if only I could learn that I don’t have to jump and lunge and plunge and wack… They say a simple “flick of the wrist” is adequate, but this definitely-with-child contestant seems to have to play as if it’s Wimbledon. Anyway, after that intense outing, I might design a “Wii Stretching Program for Over-Aggressive Pregnant Mothers”.

After nap time, V and I will make our annual Christmas macaroons (so that I have something to exchange tonight) and enjoy some Christmas music (probably “Feliz Navidad” over and over again; Viv’s this-year favorite).


(Now it’s time for my challenge to you: Betcha can’t watch this without bobbing your head!)






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