Hi there, Doot Ti Doo!

To get into the Thanksgiving spirit, our family starts by sending around our annual Hallmark ecard.

This crazy little lady fascinates us somehow and has grown into our traditions.

We’ve memorized her song.

We sing, “Doot Ti Doo” often.

We look for surprising swinging wishbones.

And there is some kind of glory for the person who remembers to send her around first. This year, it was yours truly.

Happy Thanksgiving La la la!

Send it to yourself and your loved-ones: click here!






4 responses to “Hi there, Doot Ti Doo!”

  1. Sarah Anastasi Avatar
    Sarah Anastasi

    That is hysterical!!! Wish my mom had e-mail! Ha, are there STILL people out there that don’t have e-mail?! Yep and I know one of them : )

  2. Aunt Em Avatar

    made you a turkey…dumdumdidum…

  3. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    HAHA! So strange! 🙂 I’ll have to pass it along for sure!

  4. Noelle Avatar

    Wow… that’s a little scary. Now I’m going to have bad dreams about a tapdancing cook who can’t sing.

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