Host A Christian Passover Celebration with Children

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Passover is my favorite holiday.

It’s the traditional Jewish meal that Jesus was celebrating with his disciples the night he was betrayed. Now we call it “The Last Supper”; it was during this Passover meal Jesus instituted our beloved Communion Meal. Passover was the “this” in His, “Do this in remembrance of me.

Spring’s first flowers decorate the farmhouse table.

Warm, spring air wafts through the windows, bringing hope.

Families and friends gather to celebrate how God has freed us from our slavery to sin.

As the Israelites celebrate their deliverance from slavery in Egypt, we celebrate our deliverance from sin and death. To escape the Angel of Death, the Israelites covered their doorposts with the blood of a lamb. We celebrate that, by grace, our lives are covered by our Lamb, Jesus’, blood. Death has passed over us and has no sting.

A peek inside our celebration…

The ceremony is abuzz with children and adults alike, remembering that ancient story of the Israelite’s deliverance, while seeing Christ in every symbol, every taste, every smell. Some parts of the ceremony are active, some are reflective. Some require participation, some require a listening ear.

I prepare a big meal – often lamb kababs and rice – that we enjoy together, right in the midst of the ceremony. We let our guards down, take bathroom breaks, refill water glasses, and help the children cut their meat. Amidst the hubbub and interruptions, we share about the ways God has delivered each one of us. Even the children pipe up and tell about His goodness in their lives. I cherish it, year after year.

The ceremony is beautiful. It builds my faith, year after year. God is such a good teacher to have instituted a sensory meal – full of history, full of heart, full of truth – to remind us, over and over again about His love for us through Jesus.

After the two white Passover candles are extinguished, our guests linger, expressing gratitude and wonder. One by one, they head out the door.

By the end of the evening, the floor is covered in Matzah crumbs, the table is sprinkled with sparkling grape juice droplets. Half-nibbled parsley rests on the edge of saltwater bowls and crumpled napkins hide the bitter herbs that the children didn’t prefer to swallow.

We methodically clean up the dishes, filling the dishwasher to the brim and shoving it closed for the evening.

As it begins its 2 hour chore, Ryan and I hug one another right there in the kitchen. We sigh and breathe gratefully about the work and wonder of the Passover Meal.

You could celebrate Passover, too…

May I take you step by step through the preparation and ceremony?  I’d love to help make your celebration as simple and meaningful as possible, so I wrote a Christian Passover Seder with Children that you can download and print for free.

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This collection is straight-forward and organized, including an “Items Needed” list, a “Before Your Guests Arrive” check-list, and 2 recipes.

Print it out and read through it so you can wrap your mind around the ceremony ahead of time. You’ll want to keep the script close-by as you’ll be leading the entire ceremony. (Take heart! We’ve been celebrating the Passover for over 11 years and we still have to follow the script pretty closely.)

I wrote this with children in mind. I kept the ceremony as brief and clear as possible, as we aim to tell one generation after another the mighty acts of God.

I hope it builds your faith.

Joyous Passover, my friend!

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