How She Won My Heart

When I delivered Juliette, I wasn’t expecting to feel the same bonding that I felt with our other children.

I wasn’t expecting to feel that deep love that took root when I held our first two squirmy, crying, nursing daughters.

And yet, I did.

She lay so still in the crook of my arm, and my heart gushed with love for her.

(I shouldn’t have been surprised, because God allows the same post-delivery hormones to race through the body; the same maternal instincts to rise up in the heart; so a mommy can know and love each and every one of her babies.)

I was smitten.

I looked at her little red body, which needed so much more time to develop, and I loved her.

No, she was not much to look at; for she was not meant to be seen yet!

But I felt so pleased about who she was; I am so pleased about how far she had come.

I am proud of her.

So very proud of her.

And I want the world to see our little girl.

What a wonder! What a delight! What a beauty!

The mystery is, she did absolutely nothing to win my heart.

She didn’t have to do anything to win my heart.

But did she ever.

So I caught a glimpse – just a glimpse – of the Father’s love for us.

Suddenly, it all made sense that even when we were dead in our trespasses and sins, God’s love for us gushed forth and Christ died for us.  It all made sense that His love for me doesn’t even consider anything I might do, be, or accomplish to earn it.

He just loves me.

I have done nothing to win His heart, for His heart has won me.

(Thank you, my dear Juliette, for teaching me the gospel.)

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16 responses to “How She Won My Heart”

  1. Kaylene Avatar

    What a beautiful reality. Thank you for sharing. . .

  2. Janel Avatar

    aaah… Winning the heart of the Father when we are death in sin. What a beautiful picture! Thank you.


  3. Sarah Mae Avatar

    Laura, stunning. Thank you.

  4. Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama Avatar

    “I have done nothing to win His heart, for His heart has won me” – those words – just yes and me too and nothing like motherhood for revealing it all in all its glorious gushing generosity.

    Thank you for this beautiful picture!!

  5. tracee Avatar

    Such a perfect picture of pure love. In all my messy sin, I hope to catch a glimpse of his pure eyes on me.

  6. Amy Avatar

    Beautiful comparison! Reading this brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for posting!

  7. Erin Avatar

    What a perfect, gorgeous description…makes me appreciate my children AND my Heavenly Father that much more! Thank you!

  8. Ashley Avatar

    So beautiful and right on!

  9. Tara Bakaj Avatar
    Tara Bakaj

    laura the words you write are breath taking! you write so beauitfully about such a painful subject and it touches my heart!! you and your family are in our prayers!! we love you guys!!

  10. Mary Avatar

    Stunning post. Your words are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love for Juliette with us. Thank you for sharing God’s love with us.

  11. Jan Avatar

    Laura – one of the first Bible Studies I ever attended, we studied a book by Anabel Gillham and she shared a similar sentiment for her profoundly handicapped son…”I love you just because you’re mine” Those words have stuck with me, in my core, for years. It’s the most beautiful realization to know that God loves us just because we are His. I’m glad Juliette touched you with this truth, filled your heart to brimming and overflowing with the purest love there is.

    If you are interested, you can read the excerpt here

    I love ya!

  12. Katie Avatar

    Such sweet words in your time of sorrow! Thanks for always encouraging me to find God’s will in everything!

  13. Melanie Avatar

    I understand very well. You put such nice words on it and it’s true. It remembered me when I delivered Raphaelle. I felt love for her like for my other babies. A couple of weeks ago, it was the second anniversary of her death and she still in my heart. I remember her with love, no more sadness. I know that she’s with our Father and I know that she will wait for me at the heaven door. We will have eternity to know each other.

  14. Christine Avatar

    So beautiful and heart touching!

  15. Brynna Avatar

    Stumbled on your site via Hope Road… Thank you for your story. While we were dead in transgressions and sins, he loved us! What a gorgeous picture of grace and love.

    1. Laura Avatar

      So glad to have you, Brynna. By all means, stop by again sometime. Thank you…

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