How to Describe Us

When my sister, Erin, was visiting, I was hauling a bucket of tomatoes into the kitchen and she and Viv were returning from the hen house with a basket of eggs, when she said that our lives here on the farm can be summarized by this:

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

I laughed, because she’s so right. Everything – I mean everything – is growing and bursting with fruit right now. Our arms are always full of something that needs care – diapers need to be changed, tomatoes need to be canned, peppers need to be frozen, words need to be wielded into an eBook, eggs need to be sold, a baby needs to be coo’ed, creative little girls need to be loved, a hard working man needs some care, a cat needs to be fed, compost bins need to be spun, and flowers need to be watered…

Although He’s already blessed us with one strong man, two willing little girls, and one strapping baby boy, I think I’ll heed the rest of the verse and ask God to send more laborers into this harvest…

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