How to Read Aloud: Part 3

Tip: If you’ve gone to the trouble of developing a voice for a character, use it! Pull it into the parts of the story that aren’t direct quotations, but are expressions of the character’s thoughts or feelings. Here’s what I mean:

Get a real accent!

(Oh, the inspiration that may come your way through 10 Million Miles… Become a follower today!)




7 responses to “How to Read Aloud: Part 3”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Hey you! Get ready for some traffic…I’ve posted a link to these Parts 1,2,3 on my facebook page 😉

    YOU have inspired ME to read each day to my kids. I’m failing miserably at this very important lovly teaching moment with my kiddos.

    You’ve made me think over and over and over the past week about some things in my life: on my deathbed, what will I be so thankful for–it is loving those that I love, well.

    I think reading to them is a way to love them well.

  2. Janel Avatar

    I really enjoyed your videos. Thanks! : )

    I love the back story about the Mister from Boston… Being from the area and all.

  3. grandmomruthie Avatar

    Besides being a fabulous mom, teacher etc. You are one of my favorite comediennes! Love your curly headed “straight men”!

  4. Jan Avatar

    Oh Laura – I just want to reach into these videos and give you a hug – it’s so great to “see you” and I love your read-aloud techniques! I ADORE reading out loud, it practically makes me giddy. You are top notch! Love the videos!

  5. Cathy Avatar

    Thanks for this inspiration Laura – although somehow when I read aloud “Apples to Oregon” (one of your recommendations) I wound up with a southern twang when the characters in the story were from Iowa!!

  6. admin Avatar

    Cathy – This is so funny… I would love to sit down and read “Apples to Oregon” side by side some day because I throw in a southern accent, too!! She’s just darlin’ that way, isn’t she?! 🙂 (Surely we can come up with some kind of back-story to support that, don’t ya think?)

  7. Robin Avatar

    We have really been enjoying your read aloud videos! Watching these make my girls get so excited about the idea of teaching their own children someday.

    We have enjoyed Amy Walker’s 21 Accents for quite awhile. We like to pull it up and watch just ever so often just for the fun of it.

    I always tried to read in accent also. And my girls never seemed to mind when I really botched it up, ha. It just made it so much more fun.

    Thank you for the tip about Pamela Baking Mix. I had been considering it, but was reluctant due to the price. But after buying all the other flours and mixing it I am starting to rethink my thoughts on that. So I took the plunge and ordered some just a wee bit ago. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Many blessings!

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