Hurrah! The American People!

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I’ve been watching carefully as the American people respond to and anticipate Obama’s September 8th education speech, which is now available for pre-reading. I read through most of the vibrant comments (90 and counting!) sparked by Sarah’s post concerning the topic. I’ve watched the “Pledge Commercial” that was apparently going to be shown to students across America to inspire the original homework assignment (it is as creepy as they say). And I’ve appreciated succinct thoughts on the matter from folks like John Piper. As with the health-care topic, just when I’ve *almost* had my fill of all the talk, I just can’t get away from thinking things like this:

How amazing that the government gets such passion from Americans on *any* topic – especially those concerning education and health. I say, “Wow. We are *not* the careless, complaisant, overly-busy Americans that we think we are!”

Just look at how such a reaction produced positive changes in the President’s plans this week! Just look at how it reminded the government that the parents are the heads of their homes, and are ultimately responsible for their children. Americans need to see this process of checks-and-balances happening constantly. This is healthy for the government as well as the general populace.

Even at the risk of over-reacting. At the risk of finding out that we did not know the whole story. It’s always worthwhile to ask for an explanation. And a pre-reading. And a revision, if necessary.

I’m grateful for the hard work of the parents who speak out so that the government remembers daily that WE STILL CARE about the lives within our homes. With each outburst, I am amazed by my fellow citizens who care so much about their families’ hearts, minds, and futures. Otherwise, the government can only assume that it must – and may – assume the role of teacher, mother, father.

May the government never get a moment of silence that would allow them to believe that we have surrendered love, investment, and protection of our families and country. This would surely be its – and our – worst day.