Face Mistakes Like a Champ!

It’s inevitable: you and I will make mistakes.

Our children will make lots of mistakes.

Some days, a house full of humans is a house full of mistakes!

Our response to mistakes makes all the difference in the world between a healthy home and an unhealthy home. Instead of breeding denial, callous consciences, or the fear of failure, why not deal with mistakes the way God does? As forgivable lessons to be learned.

Thanks to Turansky and Miller*, we’ve adopted a catchy response to mistakes.  ‘Turns out, a few simple words can untie the knots of regret, remorse, and guilt. They can lighten the heart and strengthen the spirit. (Truth be told, I use this phrase for myself more than for the girls. I really need a healthy dose of it every day.  Here’s hoping that as I let go of perfectionism, people-pleasing notions, and inordinate amounts of unnecessary guilt, everyone else in my family is encouraged to do the same!)

Here’s Lia with the magic words:


*Many thanks to Turansky and Miller’s much-loved Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids.

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4 responses to “Face Mistakes Like a Champ!”

  1. Anna Avatar

    Could she be any more adorable? Thanks for the great video!

  2. Christi Avatar

    I don’t know if its my computer or what, but I never can see your videos. 🙁 They don’t pop up when I click on the post.

  3. Amy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! It’s a great reminder!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    I needed this today! We’ve been couped up inside today due to a winter storm (we live in MN) and we ALL need to learn this lesson. I looked at the Whining and Complaining book but ended up going with “Good and Angry: exchanging frustration for character…in you and your kids!” Excellent advice in this book which we have started to implement in our home. How do we get on this crazy cycle of frustration and yelling?! I praise God for leading me to this blog. You and your precious girls have helped this family remain calm and even laugh at situations where there would only have been yelling before. Thank You! My girls (age barely 7 and almost 5) ask weekly if there are any more vlogs by the “Obedience is…” girls:) We LOVE that song and have changed the words a little to say “doing what daddy/mommy say right away.” Even my 2 year old boy does the sound effects. Too cute! I think the next purchase will be the Complaining book as we have had too much of that lately. Again, thank you for sharing your journey with this newer Christian wife and stay-at-home homeschooling mom!! How blessed we are!!!

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