I Can’t Believe I’m Going to Do This (Day 29)

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With extreme reservation, I asked the tec-savvy sound guys at the Christian school if it was possible: could they, maybe, if it really wasn’t any problem, (and they certainly could say no if they needed to), but maybe, could they possibly record my talk??

Of course, the tec-savvy sound guys at the Christian school said, “No problem!”

They recorded it happily. I winced.

They said, “We’ll get that to your dropbox as soon as possible!” I winced again.

I’ve never listened to one of my talks before. Never. Oh, I wish I could stay in my ignorant and happy place forever! But Andy Stanley says “don’t you dare”. He says the best way to improve at public speaking is to nit-pick your way through every recording, identifying strong points and noting areas of growth.



am going to…


Yikes. I can hardly type that without hiding under the table.

I’ll let you know if I survive.

(Have you ever done this terrible thing? Did you actually survive??)