I Just Happened to Notice…

…that when I don’t eat meat, I have peaceful, regular ole’ dreams. When I do eat meat, I have more violent, disturbing dreams.

My theory? Meat must react with the body to inspire the passion and violence necessary to kill more meat. Plants, on the other hand, must inspire the peace and stability to maintain one’s land, to produce more fruits and vegetables.

Kinda explains why many peaceful folks are vegetarians, and conquering warriors are meat-eaters.

Makes ya think…

Makes ya want eat a carrot…

Peace out.






3 responses to “I Just Happened to Notice…”

  1. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    I like warriors! Bring on the meat! 😉

  2. MusicIsOurHigh Avatar

    Hmmm. I think I’ll test out your theory. I’ve honestly never paid attention to it.

  3. Jan Avatar

    Okay – thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I know where you are! ANd I have the same exact swimdress for this Summer and I LOVE it like no other, it really is the PERFECT suit, is it not? It is.

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