I just read “You are Free: Be Who You Already Are” by Rebekah Lyons


It’s no small thing for a woman to put her heart and story on paper. It’s no small thing for her to trust strangers with the intimate and personal struggles. In her 2016 release, You are Free: Be Who You Already Are, Rebekah Lyons worked through a lifetime of heartache and humanity in order to share one important message with you and me: Jesus came to set us free and that changes everything.

When you read this book, you’ll journey with her through all kinds of personal stories – back in time, forward in time – from one state to another, in airplanes, kitchens, and counseling offices. All along, she returns to Scripture for her plumb-line, and to Jesus for her True North.

If you are struggling to live free in Christ – free from comparison, shame, or anxiety – this book should be at the top of your pile. Plan to pray your way through it, taking each chapter’s application questions seriously. Who knows? You are Free could be the vessel that God uses to set you free.

My favorite snippet arrived toward the end…

God offered me joy and freedom as I lived into my various roles:

As a wife, to champion and follow.

As a mother, to nurture and raise up.

As a daughter, to honor and obey.

As a friend, to listen and encourage.

As a neighbor, to welcome and nourish.

As I listened to God, my heart began a gradual shift from wanting to accomplish big things for God to wanting to simply receive small things from God.” p. 206-207

Here’s to reading books that change our lives!