“I love you!”

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…did ya hear me?!

I’ve been thinking about the good old love languages lately and found a quick online quiz to figure out what our love languages are these days…

‘Turns out, I mostly feel loved and do love with Words of Affirmation. But, since I’ve had children, I’ve grown to value Quality Time a lot more, too.  I have no doubt that Vivienne prizes Quality Time and Lia soaks up Physical Affection (don’t most 6-month-olds?).

What’s your love language?

If you don’t have time for a 5-minute quiz, check out this 30-second assessment to discover your love language and your APOLOGY LANGUAGE (who knew there was such a thing?!) For the record, if you ever have to apologize to me, your best bet is to say, “I was wrong”. How simple is that?! I didn’t know until today that I’m fluent in “Accepting Responsibility-ese”. (Of course, you can also send flowers, gifts, notes, vacations to Italy, etc.)

What do you speak? I can’t wait to hear…

P.S. Ryan, this is actual homework for you since I want you to hear me loud and clear! (swak.)

P.S.S. Another quiz for you: without googling it, what does “swak” mean? The official answer to follow in tomorrow’s post!