I was reminded… (the Allume Husband Blog Hack)

(I’m not sure you can call it “hacking” when you help manage the technical side of the website – but let’s pretend anyway.)

“Your husband could win an iPad!”.  How could I not be curious at a subject line like that?

A few nights ago I had to look something up on the home computer.  As I woke it from sleep, Laura’s email was open and the highlighted conversation was between Laura and another Allume Social attendee.  It was a brief email, simply linking to Jesse’s Vlog post about the contest to win an iPad if husbands would hack their wife’s blog and make a guest post.  It wasn’t intended for me, but the other bloggers husband.  In fact, Laura still hasn’t mentioned it to me.

So I clicked the link and watched Jesse’s Vlog, and although the contest seemed simple enough, I honestly didn’t give it another thought until we prayed for Laura last night in preparation for her time away.

No… I wasn’t reminded about the iPad.

I was reminded about how Laura bristled at writing her thoughts and musings in anything but a leather bound, well-worn notebook.  With a pen.  In different colors if we had them.  In fact, I’m pretty sure one of the first conversations revolved around what in the world a “blog” was and what the word meant.   (seriously, this is not one of our finer technology abbreviations)

I was reminded of the journey of the last few years and how it played out through 10MillionMiles… how I’ve treasured seeing Laura use her gifts to the Glory of God – the exact reason I thought it might be a good outlet in the first place. (look, it was one of those rare times I thought of something good first… let me enjoy it.)

I was reminded at how my wife, who sacrifices and gives so much of herself, has been blessed to be filled up by others giving of their gifts too.  All in this little corner of the Internet where passionate, Christian women simply keep loving Jesus, loving each other, and trying to spur one another on to be more like Him.

What more could a husband ask for when his wife is using her gifts?

In the last five years, 10MillionMiles had 1,071 posts and 3,879 comments.  And during that time, Laura has had the privilege of attending three Allume conferences.  For me, that looks a little bit like:

  • A video of Vivienne, age 2, reciting numerous scenes from Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  (oh, where does the time go…)
  • Vivienne and Lia making their cooking videos
  • The Vlog series on homeschooling and teaching our kids Godly character
  • Homeschooling tips, tricks and successes
  • sharing about the struggle and restoration of our early marriage
  • Laura introducing Angie Smith at the first Allume who wrote about the lose of her stillborn baby, just months after Laura had delivered our third daughter, Juliette, stillborn.
  • sharing with hundreds of online friends weeks later when Christ, in his Grace, allowed us to get pregnant with our fourth child, Malachi
  • knowing I could post a prayer request on Laura’s blog days after Malachi’s birth as we watched him  become lifeless, a result of being tongue tied, and knowing that hundreds of people would jump to action (and man, did you ever!!!  Thank you!!)
  • watching Laura learn to manage her time in the blog world better, so she could give her full attention to what matters most… so that she can give her best when she does take the time.
  • writing a small ebook about that time management and how to put the eternal value of your blog into perspective, a project we tackled together.  That was fun.
  • Laura, faithfully sharing God’s Word at the second Allume… and watching the tweets roll in as she spoke, evidence of a message well delivered.
  • Choosing to put the blog aside for now – choosing instead to listen carefully to the Holy Spirit and, once again, focus on what is most important to Him… particularly the domain (and the people in that domain) that He’s provided for us.
  • being sad (honestly), that Laura put the blog aside.  The first second thing I fell in love with was Laura’s wit and ability to communicate.  And she does that so well in writing that I do miss seeing it all flow out where I get a better glimpse of some of the things going on in her heart that just haven’t been put into spoken words yet.
  • (but) having a wife that is faithfully following Christ – wherever that may lead.

And that’s probably just the top 100 posts.

Even as Laura has taken a break from full-time, personal blogging for most of this year, the friendships have continued and strengthened.  God has given Laura a greater passion to reach those closest to us through a community blog – and I’m pretty sure He’ll continue to bless her faithful efforts.

And I’ll be smiling the whole time.

Because it’s no secret.  Not only did I marry WAY up… I also get a front-row seat to watch each day what Christ is doing in Laura and how He’ll use it to encourage others, spread His Truth, and bless His name.


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